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We are currently identifying RPOs who are interested in participating in the project through a survey among staff and students and become part of a community that will exchange on the development of effective policies and measures to combat GBV.

Participating organisations will benefit from this community by developing effective policies and measures to combat GBV adapted to their own processes and structures. They will be provided with first-hand information, as well as specific support from expert partners. On a practical level, participation will involve:

And optionally:


UniSAFE will have a dedicated Ethics Helpdesk in place to assist the RPOs by providing them with information about ethical aspects of the project and answering their ethics-related questions. In turn, RPOs commit to obtaining Ethics approvals from their institutional and/or national Ethics Committees, as applicable. 

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Who are we?

UniSAFE relies on a strong multi-disciplinary consortium of nine European partners. The strength of the consortium is based on the partners’ in-depth knowledge and extensive collaborative track record on researching GBV, transforming academic insights into operational tools, and knowledge dissemination.   

Any questions?

For further information  on the project please contact us at unisafe-eu@esf.org  

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