The UniSAFE Community

UniSAFE offers an excellent opportunity for universities and research organisations intent on developing effective policies and measures to combat gender-based violence! In its first stage, the project has gathered 45 research performing organisations to join in a community.

Participating organisations will be provided with first-hand information, as well as specific support from expert partners, to adapt the knowledge to their own processes and structures.

Flexible involvement

To ensure that the final tools developed are fully adapted to the end-users’ needs, UniSAFE uses a participatory approach, involving stakeholders and end-users throughout the whole process.

The first community of 45 research performing organisations will participate in:

Other universities and research organisations will be sought out to join the community to participate in the following activities:

  • Co-designing tools
  • Testing state-of-the-art tools, providing feedback
  • Taking part in pilot trainings and in mutual exchange workshops
  • Actively engaging in the community of practice, exchanging, and learning from many other European research organisations!

Indicative timeline

Mapping Policies

UniSAFE national experts map existing RPO policies and measures to combat GBV

June 2021 – October 2021

Survey implementation

45 RPOs run a survey among their staff and students

January 2022 – April 2022

Case studies

A selection of organisations participates in an in-depth analysis of their organisational responses and infrastructure

August 2021 –

September 2022

Tools design

RPOs invited to co-design and test tools, participate in trainings

February 2022 –

September 2023


UniSAFE has a dedicated Ethics Helpdesk to assist the research performing organisations by providing them with information about ethical aspects of the project and answering their ethics-related questions.

In turn, the organisations commit to obtaining Ethics approvals from their institutional and/or national Ethics Committees, as applicable.

A question?

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