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UniSAFE is an EU-funded project that aims to support higher education, research organisations and policymakers in eradicating gender-based violence in the European academic and research area. UniSAFE will produce in-depth knowledge on gender-based violence in research performing organisations, by analysing its social determinants, antecedents, and consequences on national, organisational, and individual levels. The research will result in policy recommendations, operational tools, and trainings.

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UniSAFE is an EU-funded project that aims to produce in-depth knowledge on gender-based violence and sexual harassment in research performing organisations, and to translate this research into operational tools for higher education and research organisations.

The project will collect empirical evidence of the prevalence of gender-based violence, understanding how this relates to its determinants and consequences, but also how it responds to the roles of universities and research organisations in preventing, protecting, prosecuting, providing services, supported by policies and partnerships (7Ps model). These mechanisms will be investigated at national, organisational and individual levels, using a holistic research model.

The project’s findings will be translated into concrete policy recommendations, tailored tools and capacity-building activities to empower stakeholders to reduce gender-based violence in higher education and research organisations.

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15 February: launch of UniSAFE, a project to end gender-based violence in universities and research organisations.


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