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Bring a poster to UniSAFE’s final conference!

Nov 2, 2023 | Events, Project news

Bring a poster to UniSAFE’s final event! We’ll be having two poster exhibitions:  

  • Sister projects and related initiatives’ outputs related to working towards gender equality in research organisations and academia. 
  • Examples of awareness-raising campaigns related to gender-based violence in universities and research organisations (all languages welcome). 

Poster size: A0 (portrait or landscape) 

We would suggest for the poster to be clear and attention-grabbing, summarising the campaign’s theme or message with additional information  

Key features

  • Introduction: A brief introductory section that outlines the purpose of the poster and provides context for the campaign / project.  
  • Key Messages/Objectives: Summarise the main messages / objectives used in the campaign / project.  
  • Visuals: Incorporate eye-catching visuals such as images, graphics, or infographics that help convey the message and impact. For the posters related to the awareness-raising campaigns, use images that capture the essence of the campaign or add a photo of the poster disseminated. 
  • Contact Information: Include contact details for individuals involved for further inquiries. 
  • Logo: Include the logo or branding.  

Additional features

For awareness-raising campaign posters

  • Campaign overview: Describe the campaign’s design, including its name, branding, and visual identity. 
  • Outreach Strategy: Explain how the campaign reached its target audience. This can include details about the use of social media, events, collaborations, or any other methods used to engage the university community. 
  • Results and Impact: Present data or evidence of the campaign’s success. This might include statistics on reach, engagement, or changes in awareness related to the campaign. 
  • Testimonials or Quotes: Include quotes or testimonials from individuals who were impacted by or involved in the campaign. This can add a personal touch to the poster. 
  • Call to Action: Encourage the audience to take action or get involved in some way. This could be a request to follow the campaign on social media, attend future events, or support the cause. 

For project posters

  • Project overview: Provide an overview of your project and its significance/unique elements in working towards gender equality.  
  • Creative elements: Use creative elements, such as unique visuals, colours, etc, to make your project stand out and leave an impression.  

Feel free to be creative!  

We welcome your poster submissions until 10. November 2023 EOB.