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Webinar: Proactive strategies in higher education: Addressing gender-based violence without formal complaints

Dec 1, 2023 | Blog, Events, Project news



16th January 2024, 11:00 AM CET – 12:30 PM CET, online


UniSAFE is organising a webinar designed for higher education institutions and research organisations grappling with the significant challenge of unreported incidents of gender-based violence in their communities, often finding it difficult to respond effectively.

Results from UniSAFE’s survey among staff and students in European universities and research organisations show that although 62% of the respondents have experienced at least one form of gender-based violence since they started working or studying at their institution, only 7% of students and 23% of staff reported these incidents. Survivors did not report incidents because they were not sure that the behaviour was serious enough to report, they did not recognise the behaviour as violence at the time of the incident or did not think that anything would happen if they reported the incident (Lipinsky et al. 2022)

As underlined in UniSAFE’s White Paper, these findings underscore the high prevalence of gender-based violence and hint at higher education institutions and research organisations’ difficulty to define and address unacceptable behaviours.

This webinar aims to open a discussion on strategies addressing gender-based violence without formal complaints, building upon the work of Dr. Anna Bull, an expert on sexual harassment in higher education. The webinar includes an interactive session where members from the UniSAFE community as well as the audience will engage with Dr. Bull, discussing practical applications of her strategies.


The speaker: 

Anna Bull is a Senior Lecturer in Education and Social Justice at the University of York and a founding member of The 1752 Group. Her research focuses on gender and class inequalities in music education and higher education. She led the study Higher Education After #MeToo, as well as work with the National Union of Students on behalf of The 1752 Group in producing the report ‘Power in the Academy: staff sexual misconduct in UK higher education’ in April 2018. She is the lead author on the report produced by The 1752 Group ‘Silencing Students: Institutional responses to staff sexual misconduct in UK higher education’, published in September 2018. – Source: The 1752 Group. 

 The webinar will take place on the 16th January 2024 from 11:00 AM CET – 12:30 PM CET 

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