Guide to awareness-raising campaigns on gender-based violence

Awareness-raising campaigns are essential to prevent gender-based violence in research institutions and universities. These campaigns aim to educate the academic and research community (staff, students, researchers, etc.) about this important issue, foster respect and equality, and create safe universities. Apart from raising awareness, it is essential for organisations to show their commitment to combatting gender-based violence by providing information across different channels and ensuring accessibility to all members of the community, creating a culture of accountability and transparency where gender-based violence is not tolerated and victims/survivors are supported.  

UniSAFE’s step-by-step guide provides a practical tool for universities and research organisations across Europe who would like to learn more about setting up awareness-raising campaigns and replicating the inspiring practices presented. It is meant for communication officers, gender equality/equality and diversity officers, or any staff interested.  


It is complemented with a poster template, available on Canva to tailor it to organisations’ specific needs and situations.

This document will be part of the UniSAFE toolkit (to be available later this year)