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46 universities and research organisations to participate in UniSAFE survey on gender-based violence

Oct 6, 2021 | Project news

  Expected to be among the largest of its kind, the survey will be launched in January 2022.

The EU-funded project UniSAFE announced 46 universities and research organisations from 15 European countries will participate in its European survey on gender-based violence. Click here to access the full press release.

The survey will be implemented from January to April 2022 among participants’ staff, undergraduate and graduate students, and could potentially be one of the largest of its kind to provide measurable evidence of gender-based violence in European research and performing organisations.  

Gender-based violence is a persistent force present in all universities and research organisations. Although they have not specifically encountered more violence than in other organisations, UniSAFE partner universities and research organisations recognise the importance of this universal issue and are intent on eradicating it by taking proactive measures.  

The first step within this project will be to gather measurable evidence on the prevalence of gender-based violence in European universities and understand how it relates to its determinants and consequences. The research examines experiences and related attitudes and behaviours among staff and students from the participating universities and research organisations. This quantitative study will be completed by 60 individual interviews with researchers at higher risk of gender-based violence and case studies on institutional responses at selected research performing organisations.  

The next step will be to translate this solid and comparable data into recommendations and guidelines for all universities and organisations willing to implement radical change in preventing gender-base violence, protecting their students and staff, prosecuting the perpetrators, and providing services to their victims.  

“Despite the growing interest in gender-based violence in academia, it remains an under-developed field of knowledge and policy-making in the European Research Area. Generating in-depth data on a large scale will not only serve to raise awareness, it will also provide a solid basis to develop tools for universities and research organisations to eradicate gender-based violence” says Sofia Strid, UniSAFE scientific coordinator.

The UniSAFE consortium is developing the survey with the support of GESIS Leibniz-Institute for the Social Sciences, the largest infrastructure institution for social sciences in Germany. The team includes researchers and highly experienced practitioners with in-depth knowledge and extensive collaborative track record on researching gender-based violence. 

The aggregated data for this survey will be available in July 2022. 

The UniSAFE project thanks the following universities and research organisations for their active participation: