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Launch of UniSAFE, a project to eradicate gender-based violence in research performing organisations

Feb 26, 2021 | Events, Project news

The UniSAFE project was kicked off on 8 and 9. February with a two-day virtual meeting. Representatives of nine partners from nine European countries (France, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic, Spain, Lithuania, Poland, United Kingdom) gathered to launch this ambitious, three-year, research project to make universities and research organisations safe from gender-based violence.

In addition to the consortium partners, the meeting counted with the presence of Ms Anne Pepin, Jeanne Lenders, and M. Chris Niehaus, Policy officers at the European Commission. Jeanne Lenders shared valuable input on recent developments in EU policy on Gender Equality in research and innovation. Chris Niehaus provided the consortium partners of the necessary administrative guidelines, especially helpful to those without prior experience in the H2020 field.

Over the two days of this meeting, partners presented their respective tasks and contributions to project objectives, discussing critical points. Partners’ in-depth knowledge and extensive track record on researching GBV, transforming academic insights into operational tools, and knowledge dissemination will be key to UniSAFE’s success. Find out more about the project partners here!. For each work package, the consortium discussed the interlinks with other tasks, their timeline, and critical points.

The second day’s discussions focused on management processes, ethics, and data management. The consortium also started tackling one of the project’s first main tasks; to create a community of 45 research performing organisations (RPOs) who will carry out a survey starting in …. More information on the recruitment of RPOs here.

These many fruitful discussions ended with a vote for the project logo and a schedule of actions for the first six-month period. A promising start to a fast-paced, exciting project!