Share your experience on gender-based violence

The UniSAFE project tackles gender-based violence in academia by gathering and examining various personal experiences related to this issue. Alongside a large-scale survey among 45 universities and research organisations’ staff and students, we give voice to researchers whose experiences and stories are often overlooked or unheard, due to their specific situation in academia.

Individual, online interviews

Structural inequalities in research organisations – and the way they intersect – can lead to a higher risk of gender-based violence. From January to May 2022,  we have conducted a series of individual, online, semi-structured interviews with researchers all over Europe who have experienced or witnessed gender-based violence in one of the following situations:

  • at an early-career stage (including PhD students)
  • on a non-permanent contract in a university or a research organisation
  • as an internationally-mobile student or staff, including Marie Curie fellows.

Our aim is to examine these experiences in detail and gain better understanding of how the prevalence of gender-based violence relates to its determinants and consequences. How active are universities and research organisations in preventing, protecting, and prosecuting gender-based violence?

We are convinced that implementing real institutional change starts by gaining solid knowledge of the issue to be tackled. The knowledge shared during the interviews will contribute to development of operational tools to improve the prevention, protection, prosecution, provision of services, partnerships and policies on GBV.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the interviews!

Together, we eradicate gender-based violence in research organisations.