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Launch of the UniSAFE survey field implementation

Jan 25, 2022 | Project news

Gender-based violence is a complex, prevalent, persistent feature and force in many organisations, including universities and research organisations. To provide measurable evidence on prevalence of gender-based violence in academia and research, UniSAFE is coordinating a survey among 46 participating research performing organisations in the EU, to be conducted for one month between January and April 2022.

The first survey field implementation started on 17 January 2022 with University of Lapland, University of Cologne, Technical University of Dresden, FZ Jülich (Helmholtz Association) and FH Aachen launching the survey among their students and staff. Every week until the end of April, another batch of institutions will kick off field implemention.

The survey is shared via internal email only. Respondents must belong to the participating universities or research organisations. If you don’t work or study in a participating organisation but wish to share your experience, we invite you to participate in our call for interviews which is open to researchers all over Europe.

Content addressed in the survey questions includes the different types of gender-based violence, perceptions and experiences with institutional mechanisms, and more. Survey results will be integrated with qualitative evidence in a multi-level study design, analysed and translated into operational tools for research performing organisations and policymakers.

UniSAFE acknowledges the personal and sensitive character of this research and takes all necessary measures to protect the privacy of the survey participants and confidentiality of the collected data. More information is available in the FAQ.