Project public deliverables

Report on the conceptual and theoretical state of the art

A state-of-the-art review of quantitative and qualitative studies, macro data, and a presentation of the conceptual framework that will inform the design of research instruments in WP4 and WP5.

ORU  | 30-apr.-21

Inventory of policies and measures to respond to gender-based violence in European universities and research organisations

This deliverable will aggregate the country reports and provide a typology of measures, including a mapping of actors involved in their implementation.

ISAS CR | 30-sept.-21

Final UniSAFE-survey questionnaire

The questionnaire will be used to collect data from staff and students on prevalence, determinants and consequences of gender-based violence in universities and research organisations. It includes several modules on e.g. prevalence, prevention, policies, and partnerships, and contains filters to take different study and work environments into consideration.

GESIS | 30-nov.-21

Policy Brief 1

This first policy brief will summarise the project findings on gender-based violence in higher education and research during the 1st reporting period of the project informing policy makers on gender-based violence in higher education and research.

ESF | 31-july-22

Report on Case Studies on the effects and consequences of institutional responses to gender-based violence along 7Ps in RPOs

This deliverable will provide an analysis of each case study, reporting on each selected measure, its implementation, the map of actors involved, and users and providers perception and discourses.

UCM | 30-sept.-22

Report on the multi-level analysis of the integrated dataset

The Report will comprise a multi-level comparative analysis (micro/meso/macro) of 7Ps in relation to the determinants and consequences of gender-based violence.

ORU  | 30-nov.-22

Assessment framework to take stock, measure progresses, and identify strengths and weakness in organisational responses to GBV along the 7Ps

The Report will comprise an assessment and analytical framework for identifying strengths and weaknesses in universities and research organisations in addressing the 7PS and gender-based violence.

ORU  | 31-jan.-23

White Paper

The White Paper will present recommendations for policy-makers and highest-level decision-makers with a view to triggering a policy debate on further course of action at EU and Member State level in terms of policy coordination on gender-based violence in higher education and research.

ISAS CR | 30-jun-23

Set of recommendations

It will address all 7Ps for the different stakeholder groups: policy-makers, RFOs, RPO management, NGOs and associations of students and staff.

YW | 31-july-23

Toolbox for RPOs

A set of tools for RPOs developing and implementing a GBV policy and action plan. Compatible with the GEAR tool to be integrated into GEAR (online and in Drupal). Including additional tools like capacity building and communication tools.

YW | 30-sept-23

Inventory of the research lessons learned in the field of ethics

This document will present a collection of essential, in-depth analysed lessons in the field of ethics learned throughout the life of the project. It will be focused on presenting selected ethical problems specifically relevant for research on gender-based violence and discussing possible ways of solving them.

JU | 31-jan-24

Policy brief 2

This second policy brief will be based on the White paper completed with more information informing policy makers.

ESF | 31-jan-24





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